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Our patient oriented service starts when you first contact California Health Escort Services. Describe your health needs and concerns to us, and we will take our time to create a program that is BEST for you and your health. We have an experienced overview of medicine, which is always becoming more complex, and we will establish contact with exactly the right specialist for YOU. With your data and requests passed on by us, the medical specialist's team will work out a diagnostic and treatment plan. Details about the duration and the possible start date of your therapy are contained in the plan, as well as the costs. Would you like to recover after your treatment in one of California's leading rehabilitation centers? We have the best partners in these areas as well.

Service 01

Personal Escort

  • Up to 24 hours nurse assistance
  • Escort service to you and your family
  • Help in Visa entry documentation

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Service 02


  • Doctors / hospital appointment
  • Arrangements for accommodations

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Service 03

Bilingual Guides

  • Translation service between patient and doctor
  • Translation companion throughout your trip
  • Translation service to your family during their stay

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Service 04


  • City sightseeing
  • Accommodations, educational trips and fun city centers
  • Recovery specialty SPA resort centers & more

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